About RauraEdit

Raura (R/oss and L/aura) is the real-life pairing of Ross Lynch and Laura Marano. They appear to be very close friends, and they are very comfortable with each other. They are good friends, because through different interviews they are teasing each other, joking around, and neither of them mind doing romantic scenes together. This pairing also seems to be the most popular and most loved real-life pairing in Austin & Ally.

For the in-show pairing between Austin Moon and Ally Dawson, the characters Ross and Laura portray, see Auslly.


Ross and Laura have a close relationship. They seem to be very comfortable around each other. They both are pretty different, but that's what makes them best friends. They tend to tease each other a lot during interviews, videos, etc. Ross has said that him and Laura have such a great relationship that she will often try to set him up with other girls. Ross and Laura both said that they want Austin and Ally to end up together and Ross said that the kiss was good multiple times. Ross once said when Laura and him do a Auslly moment sometimes it is real and it isn't acting

Other NamesEdit

  1. Loss (L/aura and R/oss)
  2. Rura (R/oss and La/ura)
  3. Lass (La/ura and Ro/ss)
  4. Lauross (Laur/a and R/oss)<img src="" alt="Raura airport" class="thumbimage " data-image-key="Raura_airport.png" data-image-name="Raura airport.png" width="180" height="164" >
  5. Rora (Ro/ss and Lau/ra)
  6. Laro (La/ura and Ro/ss)                        
  7. Laross (La/ura and Ross)
  8. Lauss (L*Roura (Ro/ss and La/ura)
  9. Rolaur (Ro/ss and Laur/a)
  10. Rolaura (Ro/ss and Laura)
  11. RLLM (R/oss L/ynch / L/aura M/arano)
  12. Lyno (Ly/nch and Mara/no)
  13. Larano (L/ynch and M/arano)
  14. Lyncho (Lynch/ and Maran/o)
  15. Lyano (Ly/nch and Mar/ano)
  16. Chano (Lyn/ch and Mar/ano)
  17. Maranych (Mara/no and Ly/nch)
  18. Rosura (Ros/s and La/ura)
  19. Rosa (Ros/s and Laur/a)
  20. Rosra (Ros/s and Lau/ra)
  21. Rosaur (Ros/s and L/aur/a)
  22. Rass (R/o/ss and L/a/ura)