Please read our Rules and Follow them!

Guidelines Edit

  1. No cursing, which means don't bully! Bullying is harsh and it can hurt people's feelings. Being rude and insulting people is bullying. Harassing and theatenting counts too. Bullying is a block for 1 week.
  2. No spamming! An admin will discuss this with you and you'll get blocked if you won't stop spamming.
  3. Pairing Wars. If you want to say your opinion please do it nicely and don't swear or else you'll get blocked.
  4. Shipping Wars. If you don't like a page,It's better to stay off a page.
  5. Don't make a page which It's irrevelant!
  6. Don't create a page with false information. It will be deleted.
  7. If you want to delete a page,see an admin.
  8. Do not write false or inappropriate information on a page.
  9. Profanity isn't allowed. Bad words aren't allowed to the wiki! Don't say inappropriate words either!
  10. Edits such as, rewording sentenses, taking periods off pages and putting back on, adding extra puntcuation, taking off info and putting back on, adding the same info in different ways, are considered unacceptable edits.
  11. Removing content based on your dislike off any topic will be considered vandalism and action will be taken against the concerned user.
  12. Trolling. User pages are only to be edited by the user. You can only edit their user page if you are correcting their spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  13. Please keep personal information to yourself.This includes your email, school, address and phone number.
  14. Inserting sexually explicit content and pictures will get you blocked.
  15. Adding unneeded categories will get you blocked!
  16. Not reading the rules isn't an excuse.
  17. Do not create a page if you don't have permission from an admin.
  18. Do not mess up templates! It will cost you a block!
  19. Do not remove templates from pages!
  20. Not reading these rules isn't an excuse.
  21. Have fun with the wiki! :)
If you any problems/questions with the wiki ask the founder, Mary De La Wary. Edit