Auslly is the romantic/friendship pairing between Austin Moon and Ally Dawson. They are best friends and they care about each other. Ally had first feelings for Austin in the episode Girlfriends and Girl Friends. Austin realized he had feelings for Ally in the episode Campers and Complications. They had their first kiss in Chapters and Choices. They became a couple at Partners and Parachutes but they broke-up in the episode Couples and Careers because their relationship was getting in the way of their partnership. They agreed to get back together when they'll be ready again. They admited they still had feelings for each other in Tunes and Trials. They had their second kiss in Real Life and Reel Life. Ally admited she still had feelings for Austin in Fresh Starts and Farewells and at the end of the episode Austin almost admited he loves her but he gave her a card instead. In hunks and Homecoming Austin got jealous from Ally spending time with Gavin and he realized he still has feelings for Ally He never had a chance to tell Ally how he feels because she tells she and Gavin are dating. They got back together in Last Dances and Last Chances.

Other Names Edit

  • Alstin  (Al/ly and Au/stin)
  • Austily (Austi/n and Al/ly)
  • Mowson' (Mo/on and Da/wson')
  • Allyin (Ally and Aust/in)

Auslly Arc Edit

The list of these episodes is the Auslly Arc:

  • Girlfriends and Girl Friends
  • Campers and Complications
  • Chapters and Choices
  • Partners and Parachutes
  • Couples and Careers
  • Tunes and Trials
  • Real Life and Reel Life
  • Fresh Starts and Farewells
  • Mix Ups and Mistletoes
  • Princesses and Prizes
  • Hunks and Homecoming
  • Proms and Promises
  • Records and Wrecking Balls
  • Last Dances and Last Chanes
  • Horror Stories and Halloween Scares
  • Relationships and Red Carpets